"Where Winning is Not the End Result, it is the Courage to Begin!"

November 23, 2015

As the Holiday season swiftly approaches, we must be empathetic to those who are around us.  As we may see this season as a time for CHEER, CELEBRATION, FAMILY, FUN, GIVING, REFLECTION, and THANKSGIVING.  There are people around who do not feel the same.  For many the Holiday Season remind them of what they do not have, the loss of Love ones, the goals they have not reached, and the anxiety to see another year come. 

People who cope with depression, cannot help what the Holiday Season means to them.  Despite all the cheer going on around them, they find it difficult to DECK the HALLS.  Moreover, for many who cope with depression, Tis no Season for them to be Jolly, not even Christmas.

So while you are Giving Thanks for this year’s Blessings, ringing your JINGLE BELLS, and Counting Down to the New Year, make sure you take time out to check on those you LOVE.  No one knows the grief that the Holidays may bring to others.  If you know someone who copes with depression or shows signs of depression during the Holiday Season, here are some tips to help them through the Next Few Weeks.

  1. Encourage them to seek help during the Holidays.
  2. Don’t take what they are coping with Personal. It is not about you!
  3. Let them know you are there for them, if they want to talk. Listen don’t offer advice.
  4. Don’t try to cheer them up.  You can’t cheer people up who cope with Depression.
  5. If they don’t have family around, invite them to spend the Holidays with yours.  But don’t force them or nag them if they decide not to accept your invitation.
  6. Check on them, but don’t invade their space. Letting people know that you care is enough.
  7. Give them the space that they need!
  8. For those dealing with grief of a love one! Find positive ways to remember them remember their love ones, if they want too.
  9. Get together and volunteer!  Getting out and helping others may help them.
  10. Don’t purchase them a lavish gift, because not being able to return the favor may affect them!

The most vital key to helping those you love who cope with depression, during the Holidays, is to remember that for everyone the Holidays are not Merry!  Allow them their time and don’t take what they are coping with personal.


Tis No Season to be Jolly, Not Even Christmas!

Helping your love one’s with depression cope through the Holidays!